Google Analytics For Android iPhone And iPad


Google Analytics For Android ,iPhone And iPad: The technology is evolving and with mobile internet, and a single tablet or smartphone, you can enjoy the day outside the home or work.

To the bloggers is no different, on the contrary, we must connect the maximum mobility with productivity. A simple queue at the doctor generates a waste of time that can be tapped. Do you agree?

And precisely for this reason, every week I want to bring mobile applications to help in production and daily life of a blogger. But I can not guarantee every week because I want really good promotion application, any application not in order to fill the week.

Today I bring three applications, each with the same function: Display the blog statistics through data collected from Google Analytics. They are: Analytics , Analytics Pro and gAnalytics.



Very simple and free! At the moment only found for the iPhone and can be download  Here.



Simple, fast and Android. It’s quite the face of Google applications. You can download Here.

Analytics Pro:


One of the best, but it is paid. iPhone is available Here and for iPad download Here

I hope you enjoy the applications and make good use of them. And be sure to do your suggestion of applications in the comments below, share with us.