DiarySG Youtube Channel Shut Down After Copyright Claims


DiarySG Youtube channel Shut Down after City Harvest Church founder pastor Kong Hee filed Copyright claims against it: Popular Youtube channel ‘DiarySG’ of the past which is well known for its hilarious parodies about Singapore politics and social affairs was officially shut down on 10 July 2012 following a number of copyright claims allegedly filed by City Harvest Church founder pastor Kong Hee.

All 800+ videos, 2 years of non-profit artwork, fanwork, parodies, satire, humourous insights, documentaries, interviews, Opposition Rallies, General Elections 2011 behind-the-scenes and comedies were removed in an instance.

DiarySG has earlier claimed to receive an official warning from Kong Hee to stop making parodies about him on Youtube on Monday:

“WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED AN OFFICIAL MESSAGE (or WARNING) FROM KONG HEE to stop making parodies about Kong Hee on Youtube!?! Yes, the same man in that Singapore’s Biggest Charity Scandal from City Harvest Church. Reason given is: ”Copyright claim by Kong Hee”!?! Wow, that video is a obviously a homemade video, self-editted video & it is obviously a parody & you claim copyright???”

A day later, the channel was shut down because of copyright claims filed to Youtube and its parent company Google. via Temasek