NUS Professor Tey Tsun Hang Not Suspended

Tsun Hang Tey
Tsun Hang Tey

NUS Professor Tey Tsun Hang Not Suspended: Being investigated Professor Zheng respect of line (Tey Tsun Hang, 41 years old) was early court judge Involved sexual bribery the ‧ judiciary shocked. 

He is alleged to suspicion of bribery, provided by the female students to the other side to get good grades, and to increase opportunities for after graduation, the top law firms admitted.

Tsun Hang Tey
Professor Zheng respect of line (Tey Tsun Hang, 41 years old was early court judge Involved sexual bribery the

After the incident, the female students have confessed to a friend, with respect to a relationship with the professor. The event was later exposed, the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau in the investigation.

When the news hit the papers, the National Assembly, in particular law school students and teachers talking about everyone in disbelief.

However, the person said, according to the Law School, College of professor still worked and had not been dismissed, just the holidays, but he has no teaching.

A sophomore to the “Morning Post” said the professor originally from January to April this year, jointly with the other professors in charge of a course, the results he did not appear.

The course taken over by another professor

He also pointed out that the school site by the professor responsible for the curriculum has been under the term has been changed by another professor teaching.

Reply media for the professor involved why not suspended the National Assembly spokesman said the school did not begin any internal investigation.

As for the staff there is no fault, he stressed that all members of staff of the National Assembly had to follow a code of conduct, if someone violates the guidelines, ranging from school warning, while dismissal.

The reporter visited the professor home last night, Professor neighbor refers to a Japanese wife and daughter have been two days did not see the professor appeared.

According to some lawyers said in an interview, Zheng statue line is the familiar figure of the judiciary, in the lower courts as a judge for more than a year.

Prior to joining NUS, professors have been a lawyer, and has served as a member of the center of commercial legal knowledge they say.

In addition, he has invited to the University of Taichung Asia Speaker University of Singapore, the rule of law education. “

2009, he was invited to the University of Fukuoka, Japan to participate in the Asia-Pacific Economic and Market Research Forum.

The following year, he published two articles on the law of Singapore in the Hong Kong Law Journal.

For him involved, everyone was shocked. Girls delete face book Accused and professors have sex with girls, she is good-looking, fashionable dress, she delete the information and pictures of the face book last night.