Darinne Ko NUS Law Scandal Student Girl


NUS Law Scandal Student Girl Exposed as name Darinne Ko: The student girl who involved in NUS Law Sex Scandal has been exposed by the name Darinne Ko.

I personally don’t think that she must be that girl but the source was on the forum hardwarezone.com.sg and the post was deleted by Admin.

Here Some Information about Darinne Ko.

Student, National University of Singapore
Summer Associate at O’Melveny & Myers
Intern at Rajah & Tann LLP
National University of Singapore
Duke University School of Law
Raffles Junior College

According to reports yesterday, the female students suspected “devotion” in exchange for good grades, National University of Singapore law professor allegedly accepted sexual bribery, in April this year, was arrested by the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau survey.

After the incident, the female students have confessed to a friend, with respect to a relationship with the professor. The event was later exposed, the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau in the investigation.

When the news hit the papers, the National Assembly, in particular law school students and teachers talking about everyone in disbelief.

However, the person said, according to the Law School, College of professor still worked and had not been dismissed, just the holidays, but he has no teaching.

A sophomore to the “Morning Post” said the professor originally from January to April this year, jointly with the other professors in charge of a course, the results he did not appear.


The Picture as well as links have been removed after confirming from the source. Thanks for the Readers.

Update (10:00 pm): Photo of  Ms Darinne Ko Wen Hui Posted By NewPaper

Update: More Photos of Darinne Ko Wen Hui Exposed


  1. Don’t think it’s her. There must be a reason hardwarezone’s admin deleted the post: because it’s not true. I suggest that people think carefully about their words before recklessly posting people’s names.

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