Easy Step Add Google Search on Blogger

Google custom Search

Easy Step Add Google Custom Search on Blogger: Many Blogger users have been complaining that the default search box – gadget “search box” – is not efficient because it does not show all the posts. This problem is already old and, unfortunately, has not yet been resolved.
In place of the gadget “search box”, can we use other options of the Google search box:

Google custom Search

  1.      Search Box of Google Adsense;
  2.      Custom search box Google;

Search Box of Google Adsense: The search box AdSense is by far the most efficient and can still earn a quick buck. To put it in your blog, you must be a registered editor.

  1. Click on the “AdSense settings”
  2. Choose “AdSense for Search”
  3. In “search type,” choose “only sites I select”
  4. In “Selected sites” box, type the address of your blog
  5. Click “continue” and set the box size
  6. Click “continue” and copy the code
  7. In Blogger, paste the gadget HTML / Javascript

Custom Search Box Google: The custom search box Google is also very good.

  1. Open http://www.google.com/cse/
  2. Sign in with your Google password
  3. Click “create custom search engine”
  4. Fill in all fields
  5. In “site search”, enter the address of your blog
  6. Click Next and choose a model
  7. Copy the code
  8. In Blogger, paste the gadget HTML / Javascript