Cammie Tse, Edison Chen’s Teen girlfriend is still in school of Edison, continued warming when its image recently showed off its fans is her sexy photo series made in Japan in May before.

Cammie Tse
Cammie Tse

Cammie Tse from an anonymous teen models are suddenly interested reporters after her private photos and images of the storm center “hot” in 2008 Chen were leaked online last year. Not long after, the couple said goodbye.

Fitted with a reputation as actor Edison, Cammie Tse suddenly the press special interest. Information and pictures of Cammie covering all media. However, recently, the hot days of a declining Tse Cammie when she is no longer the girlfriend of Chen.

Thus, the beautiful 9X decision attract publicity by launching the images “show body” bold and members Donut girl group. Images are made in Japan.

the industry once again stir the series dating and intimate photos of Edison with a poor model names are still in school Cammie Tse were leaked on the net.

Talk about this issue, Chen said that this was a “mistake” and would pay less attention to the press about his feelings more.

After the affair with Cammie Tse, Edison continued to “stick” to the rumors flirting with a female flight attendant that he had to say something correct.