CCM Denies Witness Statements About Bad Attitude Hwayoung


CCM Denies Witness Statements About Bad Attitude Hwayoung: With the controversy of Hwayoung and T-ara is spread out and heat up on the web, a witness has denied the statement of Core Contents Media about ‘bad behavior‘ Hwayoung.

According to a report released by the OBS on July 31, it’s true that cane Hwayoung been cast in KBS ‘Music Bank’. Although bergitu, before the incident occurred, the singer was seen crying in front of the waiting room T-ara, can not enter.

A superbly dialporkan industry representatives stated,

The situation is slightly different to what has been revealed by CEO Kim Kwang Soo at the press conference. Before Hwayoung threw his stick and refuse to perform on stage, she was crying. She cried in the hallway at the station broadcasts, can not enter into the waiting room, and many people including artists and representatives witnessed the scene.

Back on the date July 27, the T-ara member exchanging tweets are assumed by the netizens have been directed to the member Hwayoung for not showing determination for the group Budokan concert.