7 Plugins to Solve Their Problems in WordPress

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7 Plugins to Solve Their Problems in WordPress: In WordPress plugins are used to increase the code of a site performing some additional function. Some of them are paid, but there are many free ones can also make a difference in your blog, giving a more professional look and also helping him in some functions. But among many pluguins exist today in the market, it is difficult to discern which way will really help your blog and which will only “regret” page. Thinking about it I decided to separate some more useful, that enhance our work and make us buy time.
wordpress pluginAll plug-ins are linked in the title, but you can also entrance researching them in sub-section add new section in the WordPress plugin]

AdRotate: The adRotate is very handy for you that is beginning to link independent advertising on his blog (outside of affiliate program). Because he has an amazing system that automatically controls the advertisement, you need only indicate inĂ­cil and end date (day that the announcement should be visible day and that he should become hidden), limit of ad views or clicks limit in all these options the ad will be visible only to reach the pre-established. However it can also be used to manage ad programs afilio.

This plugin also offers you a panel to monitor the entire progress of the announcement, their views and clicks received. Some blogs however, use it in areas of partnership to take more control of the requests sent from each partner banner. He is also a great option for you to go discover what positions and shapes generate more clicks into your site.

Akismet: Created in 2005 by Automattic: Akismet is a basic function and necessary to all site / blog that has a feedback system, filter and delete all the spam that’s come along often. His performance is accurate and (at least to me) never occurred in a legitimate comment is deleted, that because your filter compares the user information that is talking with the withdrawal of all blogs that participate in the service, and can discern a Spamer.

Initially operated as Akismet plugin, ie: the user needed to install it so you can use, today it comes as standard WordPress and just needs you to activate. I’ll show you how to do this. Follow

First you must go to the site of application and select the personal, on the next page just fill in your name and email and indicate zero on the item that asks for a donation (Of course you’re free to help if you want), then it is necessary to confirm your email, done that is generated application key (API key), in possession of it you just need to glue it on the settings in your dashboard Arkimet WordPress. And enjoy.

Google XML Sitemaps Generator Plugin: Sitemap SEO is a feature quite old but still very useful, where a page is created to link all items from a site, thus facilitating its indexing in search engines, also creating a sitemap you still have the possibility of offering user a page with all the blog posts at a distance of a click.

Yet with all these advantages were few sites that bothered to create your sitemap, or others created but not atualizavam almost never, because everything relating to the work that could do it manually. But today, your problems are over with the Google XML Sitemaps is already possible to do everything automatically, sending each new posting to the sitemap and also selecting those to be on the list or not. But do not stop there the plugin still indicates to search engines when there is a new link on the page, all automatic.

All in One SEO Pack: Still talking about SEO All in One SEO Pack plugin is one that stands out in this direction. It allows you to customize the title, description and keywords of each post and the blog itself so you can receive more visits and be better positioned in search engines, and also optimize the URLs. And all this of course, done automatically, without the need for any concern on your part.

WordPress Popular Posts: As the name implies WordPress Popular Posts displays the most popular posts a website or blog. The plugin creates a list of popular posts in the sidebar of the blog, which in addition to attracting new visitors to the blog post for that success, still generate most of the navigation in your blog readers, not only to short a visit to the main page, with now you give this plugin a legal reason for the reader to delve deeper into your pages. Furthermore it still shows the amount of posting comments in real time.

WordPress Shout Box / Chat: Plug-in that adds a box of communication, thus providing a chat between online visitors of your blog / web site. It can be very useful depending on the topic of your blog, creating a space as a meeting point for readers, In addition to generating a longer preview of your page for users, because imagine that instead of giving a glimpse of 30 segundinhos on your homepage, now he will spend half an hour talking through your page. It may seem an outdated feature, but used the right way can still be very well explored, for example on forums.

CevherShare: Today social networks are the shortest way to bring new visitors to your site, every day more and millions and millions of people join social networks, and you should be aware of this, and always seek the best resources that will bring your site and network to help you do this, you can add buttons to share content on social networks more important.

The CevherShare adds icons next to the content and accompanies the reader during the scroll of the page. You can change colors, add widgets and organize, add Twitter username and also lets you add icons for other sites that are not on that list.