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Plugins and Social Tools Necessary for Blog

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Plugins and Social Tools Necessary for Blog: There are bloggers of all kinds and each have their peculiarities, but, regardless of the type that you are there certain critical items that anyone should have. These are programs and other materials that can help you in various situations. There is one rule: “You have to have it and that’s it”, but after getting used to always have available a good image editor or a good site for inspiration begins to wonder how he managed to pass both time without such wonders. So here’s my list.

Social Blogging toolsImage Editor: If images are essential in a post, just image editors also follow the same logic. We have options for all tastes and pockets, after all agree, you can not be editing the image in paint, I would not recommend either to crop images, but have met people who believe still uses.

PhotoScape: This stands out for its speed and convenience. Virtually all the available functions can be performed without complications and I would even say intuitively. And if there is any doubt in the beginning there are plenty of sites with tips and tutorials.

WeHeartIt: If you are a Tumblr user should already know that it’s WeHeartIt leaving many of those pretty pictures that we see out there in the network blogs. Some kids do not like to use that interface through proper feminine shades of pink, but for those who do not care about that the site has pictures and inspiring.

Pinterest: Has even overcome in large numbers of access: Linkedin, Tumblr + and Google and has quality images for all tastes. Without a doubt deserves our attention.

Account Activity: Shows how many emails you’ve sent and received, with whom he communicated, what kind of searches made and even the places where he was all right that many people have a little bias with this tool because statistics are not real time but, taking that little detail is very helpful.

Google Analytics: Analytics is able to identify how many readers and the way that came to your page, how long sailed and all in periods daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Not atoa that Google Analytics has been so praised.

Technorati: The technorati is able to indicate what has been said on blogs by tracking posts and media. It is the easiest way to stay on top of what happens in the blogosphere without having to access an extensive list of blogs. The site crossed the 50 million, and about 70,000 blogs are registered daily.

Creative Commons: Protect your content is essential for any blogger and if you do not have a license should seriously consider purchasing one.

So let me finish my list of essential tools, I think at least the most important are there as if it were to put all post would be so great that one would not explain a little of each as I did here.