New Features For Facebook

New Features For Facebook

New Features For Facebook: Facebook seems not to launch new products, only in recent months we have had since the photos app to the supposed development of a browser and to help them with as much information we did a summary of some of the most interesting news network in a single posting to you.New Features For Facebook

Facebook for WordPress

According to Facebook engineer Matt Kelly, “The plugin makes it simpler to make your WordPress site more social – no coding required.” I have not had the opportunity to talk with someone who has experienced the plugin, but what there is out there that Facebook hit again. Thus the articles of the blog will have integrated buttons “like” and “send” and the comments will also be entitled to the social network.

Facebook Insights

Now you can also view beneath the post that was published the full extent of it. The feature shows the number of people reached and the percentage of fans viewing.

Facebook Highlight

The idea is pretty simple, but very interesting for us bloggers, this new feature allows the user to highlight your updates on the timelines of your friends. In theory seems to be perfect, but the feature is still being tested in New Zealand for some users. And if you thought this was just the problem know that Facebook Highlight will cost $ 2 per post, that is not cheap.

App Center

The Facebook virtual store will be available for both browsers and for iOS and Android mobile platforms. It has a system of recommendation from the software you already use and allows application developers charge for their products.

Well, the largest social network now has shown enough responsibility when investing in new products and please its users and it is no accident that so many people joined the network now remains for us to await the response from the competition.