5 Great Plugins for WordPress With High Success


5 Great Plugins for WordPress With High Success Rate: It is no longer secret to anyone when we mention WordPress as one of the most popular platforms for bloggers worldwide. So much so that the WP has become the “darling” of successful bloggers today. And speaking of famous bloggers, they certainly have used one of five separate tools exclusively for you the reader of the Code Blog.

AddThis: You have great content on your website and now need it to be shared by your visitors? A great tool to use is AddThis using the power of social networks to share your content extremely easy. It is a powerful tool to spread your content over networks.

ManageWP: Thanks to the growth of the blogosphere, will certainly occur a time when you will be working with more than one site done in WordPress, whether for personal or even professional. If this is the case, the ManageWP will help you a lot. The program allows you to quickly access all your panels with a vision Dashboard. You can also monitor and install plugins and themes in all of its sites with one click of a button. Another fantastic feature is the ManageWP clone tool, which allows instant cloning of any of its existing WordPress sites from a domain, subdomain or folder to another. Simply the best!

Total feedback : Can you tell, what is the real user experience to visit your blog? Even if you use specific tools, you’ll still be seeing only one side. Total Feedback tool for collecting and monitoring of feedback from visitors to your site. With it, you can manage multiple searches, research and analysis see text answers and even control the exact time of your visitors vote.

VaultPress: After so much time and effort into your blog, you certainly will not want to risk losing all your work? Right? Backing up your site should be a priority. The VaultPress promises to fulfill this objective, it provides real-time backup, continuous synchronization of each post, comment, media file, review and definition of the panel in at least two separate cloud services.

Ninja Security: Having a Blog Insurance should be a concern of all bloggers, but, surprisingly, is often given little attention. It is very important that you take preventive measures against online threats. The Ninja Security checks your entire site for vulnerabilities and security holes and use code snippets for quick solutions.

Well folks, I hope the tips are helpful for you.