Tang Boon Thiew


Identified As Tang Boon Thiew The Alleged Ring Leader: Forty-four men including nine civil servants in court with sex with a minor Monday charges that paid.

They reportedly employed an underage girl or girl’s online ring which was buying services from the Sub.

In February, the report said that a former school principal, including 80 men to assist in the investigation.

Police said the investigation on-going enforcement efforts on vice syndicates to press.

Li Hong, 39, former principal p choose lip public school was not represented by a lawyer and is the only one who said that he’s a minor sexual services in the $ 950 total in 2010 on two occasions will plead guilty to pay.

Lee in December last year, parents, and students from his position, to the shock of the school after serving for three years resigned.

When asked, the Education Ministry said it was unable to comment on the case “as the case before the courts.

Others included Attorney, Navy officer, in a, and businessmen.

21 years old, and the oldest, the youngest is 49.

They receive sexual services from a girl or girls under 18, September 2010 and March 2011 to be a late charge.

They allegedly to pay $ 850-$ 450.

Lawyer subhas Anandan took charge the sessions Court, with issue during.

“How is anyone to know when you don’t know who the girl is, and what he is charged for her age? We just can’t accept the word of the prosecution. We give us more details to prosecution, DPP, are going to ask if they don’t give us further details, we will take it, “he said in the High Court.

While the exact number of girls involved in the cases is not known, one thing is consistent with a person-44 men, the alleged ring leader of group Thiew Tang Boon as identity services.

Tang said the last year has been charged and his case.

Tang women under 34 counts of Charter and a reportedly paid sex with a minor on November 4, was charged on 2011.

While most others their cases will be mentioned again in June against the principal of the case will be heard later this month

Proven, they charge, penalty, or both to seven years jail