Steph Thia Hwee Koon


Steph Thia Hwee Koon: It is a major scam and Singapore Thia Hwee Koon in the controversy, currently this scam Steph on girl 19 years old but at age 17 when he allegedly 2010 and 2011 almost 50 in a prostitution ring in sex Singapore police investigation of the male was with Steph Thia Hwee Koon technical education Institute was a student and his name allegedly Steph Thia Hwee Koon aka Chantelle (social escort).

Total 80 men regarding this matter are currently under investigation and more men being charged each day. Prostitution is not a country but when the girl is legal in minor! On this young woman who due to the fall of Singapore 80 when it old men lied about face:

Steph Thia Hwee Koon is just simple, but ITE student social escort at the age of 17.

ITE students Hwee Koon aka Chantelle Steph Thia (social escort) and part-time model.

Thia Hwee Koon social escort agency Steph for yr 2010.

As the social escort, Steph Thia Hwee Koon several reasons why your customers under commercial sex with minor to Singapore Police have alleged to be hired as it lied about his age.