Natasha Wan Xue Wen Punched And Abused Police Man


Natasha Wan Xue Wen Punched And Abused Police Man: Petite undergrad Natasha Wan Xue Wen took on four police officers, punching, head-butting and abusing them after a night out at the Zouk dance club.

According to a Straits Times news report, Natasha Wan Xue Wen was being escorted out of popular nightspot Zouk, alongside her boyfriend and another man, when two police officers on patrol came up to them to offer their assistance.

A university student, Natasha Wan Xue Wen attacked four police officers after going to the Zouk dance club.

Wan, 24, pleaded guilty to using criminal force and abusive words on public servants, and behaving in disorderly manner.

At about 4am on October 26 last year, two policemen saw a bouncer escorting Wan, her boyfriend Lim Zhao Ming, and another man out of Zouk.
On the way to the police station, Wan head-butted one of the female officers and bit the other on the wrist and hand.T

he officer who was bitten had to be warded in hospital for six days and given 13 days’ medical leave.

Wan’s lawyer said she was suffering from stress when she committed the offences. A test showed that her blood-alcohol level was 172mg per 100ml of blood – more than twice the 80mg level for drink driving.