Tang Boon Thiew Scandal With Underage Prostitute


Tang Boon Thiew Scandal With Underage Prostitute just paid $50 for Sex… What the…? According to source, Tang Boon Thiew, the mastermind of the online vice ring was slapped with 35 charges in December last year including 17 charges of pimping the girls, 16 charges of living off their earnings and 2 charges of having sex with an underage girl. Just paid her only $50 to ‘try her out’ before passing her to them!

Tang was accused of paying $50 to have sex with the girl, leading some to speculate that it may be the same girl who slept with 80 over men.

Previous media reports claimed that Tang would usually have sex with the girls first to ‘test’ them in bed and to impart some knowledge and skills before ‘marketing’ them on his online vice site as ‘models.’

He would recruit the girls to join his model agency on Facebook before luring them with promises of money to entice them into the vice trade. As a ‘requirement’ to work as a prostitute, they must first pass an ‘entry test’ of pleasing him in bed satisfactorily before they can be ‘inducted’ officially into his ‘stable’. He would then take a cut from their earnings as his ‘commission’.

The 17 year old girl was studying at a local polytechnic when she started working as a prostitute and was described as having the following attributes on the site.

18 years old. Singapore Chinese. Student and part-time model. 1.60m tall, slim figure, C-cup breasts…(She) still has that naive girlishness, offers excellent sweet young thing, girlfriend experience….Advance booking for (her) is required, don’t leave it to least minute booking as it always almost won’t work!

Besides vaginal sex, she reportedly also offered other services such as “BBBJ, AJ, AR, CIM” which explained her higher rates than other girls in Tang’s stable.

Despite the gravity of his offences and the fact that he is the ringleader of the online vice ring, the state media chose to shift public attention to his clients to downplay his involvement leading some to speculate if he is a ‘white horse’ related to the ruling elite with some unverified rumors circulating in cyberspace that his mother is related to a public figure from a political party in Singapore.