PM Lee Hsien Loong Received Bad Words on Facebook


PM Lee Hsien Loong Received Bad Words By Singaporean Guy on Facebook Page. An Angry Singaporean Scolds PM Lee Hsien Loongon Facebook: You SUCK!

Since Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong set up his personal Facebook page one week ago, it has been inundated by numerous complaints from ordinary Singaporeans as well as words of support and praises from the immigrants and foreigners who remain in ‘awe’ of the Singapore government.

While PM Lee has been updating his page frequently, he is unlikely to have time to read through the hundreds of comments posted by his fans and detractors unlike daily including this comment posted by a visibly angry Singaporean Edmund Khor today:

PM Lee, I think you and your government has done a shitty job. Stagnant wages, escalating cost of living, overcrowding, crumbling transportation system, and the poor are stucked in a vicious cycle.”

Edmund Khor added that the quality of life for Singaporeans have deteriorated for the past few years:

The quality of life for ordinary Singaporeans has deteriorated over the past 8 years since you took over the government. If you can’t improve the lives of Singaporeans, it is time to let someone else take over. You sucks.

As usual, there are no replies from PM Lee or his administrators. PM Lee has earlier pleaded for patience and support from netizens to solve the long-term problems besieging the nation:

These are complex, long-term problems. My government is working hard on them. I ask for your patience and support to deal with them together, as one nation.