Google Account RecoveryHow to Update Google Account Recovery Options: The account access to the blog is the most important account of the world. That is why we can not leave it to chance, and especially our memory, that between us: it gets worse every day! Keep information is a matter of life or death for your blog.

Google offers three options for account recovery, Recovery email address, Recovery phone number, Account recovery via Form. And it is very important that these options are filled with correct, reliable, and easy to remember and accessed information.

Remembering, which is also very important that you back up your blog regularly and know the limits of using Blogger.

1) Update Your E-mail Recovery

The account recovery email is one of the most practical and quick ways to recover an account. It is important that you set up an e-mail that you use frequently and it’s safe. A very common error among users is to configure e-mails that are not used and that have been recently created.

Also, some email providers are canceling accounts that have not had access in the past three months. This means that if you set up an e-mail, for example, Yahoo or Hotmail to retrieve the account, but never entered these emails, you run the risk of, a year later, when you need to recover, not more access to this email. Simply because the company canceled and made available again for registration.

2) Update Your Mobile Number

Some people exchanging phone that not changing clothes. And normally only found out that the person changed the mobile number again, when we most need to talk to her.

Has this happened to you? It is no coincidence that we are very close to having a mobile number for every person in the world, i.e 7 billion rows. Besides, it never hurts to have more than one option for account recovery. It can be useful when you least expect it! But it is important that the number is correctly updated, otherwise you can not recover the account for this alternative.

3) If Necessary, Complete the Form

The account recovery form is the most complex option. Reach this stage, in my opinion, is almost 99% chance of failing to recover the blog. The requested information must be as accurate as possible, however, are not always what information we have at hand or that much less we are able to remember.

For example, you can answer the head when it was created your e-mail access to the blog? Not right! And if you have deleted that email a welcome when you created your account, it will be difficult to know the day, month and year of such important event for your blog.

Log in to your account and click on the tab security. Then in recovery and alert box, click to edit:

  • Recovery phone
  • Recovery Email
  • Send phone alerts

Keep such information may save your access to the blog. Do not leave for tomorrow! Look for the email which phone are configured as recovery options to your account. For questions on the form are difficult to hit accurately.