Google Enters Market for Sale of Domains

Google Domains

Google Enters Market for Sale of Domains: During the past years, any user who intends to purchase a new domain in the internet and resort to Google was faced with a page indicating that Google did not provide this type of service, after being recommended some partners who did.

Google DomainsThis page has now been changed since Google launched a new service in beta called “Google Domains“, where some users may now start using to acquire new domains.

During this initial stage it is not clear what Google intends to bring to this new market of domain registry, making it stand out from the major competitor GoDaddy, which hitherto fell within the recommendations made by Google.

Here is the list of offers created by the company so far:

  • Free private registration, allowing you to hide your name / address / etc. Whois searches without having to pay an outside service.
  • Free forwarding email to your Gmail inbox.
  • Free domain forwarding.
  • Support for up to 100 sub-domains.
  • Intention to offer to all new types of domains that will be made available over the coming years (eg. Guro or. Club).

The creation of this type of service from Google comes as no surprise, being really weird for having taken so long to implementation.

Google has plenty of time to provides services to private domains such as email accounts or statistical analysis, but never before offered the possibility of acquiring new domains.

As the vast majority of “beta phase”, to try to acquire a domain through Google will send a request for inclusion at this stage through the “Manage my domains’ on Google Domains page.

No information on the number of users that limit will be accepted until the end of this phase of experimentation there.