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4 Steps to Protect WordPress Account From Cyber Criminals

4 Steps to Protect WordPress Account From Cyber Criminals: WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems ( CMS ) in the world and , as such , is one of the favorite targets of cyber-criminals . In April 2013, hackers conducted a mass attack using a botnet consisting of 90,000 computers , in order to decipher the passwords to WordPress .

This content management system is very easy to install , allows anyone , even without much knowledge of computers , create your blog and publish their own content online . In fact , the Internet as we know it today would be very different without the existence of blogs and various content management platforms .

Systems of WordPress blogs are easy to install and , thanks to an expansion system can be improved with new functions and different themes . The problem is that most users forget the most basic rules of safety. Obviously , cyber-criminals try to exploit the maximum system vulnerabilities , performing since mass attacks to targeted attacks so infect blogs this popular content management system .

In order to help ” bloggers call ” the Kaspersky Lab which explains the major types of attack used by hackers and has some advice for avoiding them .

WordPress Principals types of attack on WordPress blogs :Wordpress

Mass attacks: Due to its popularity , WordPress has been the subject of multiple automated mass attacks . In April 2013, these attacks reached their highest point when hackers used a botnet made ​​up of over 90,000 computers to decipher the passwords to WordPress .
Another tactic used by cyber-criminals have been exploiting known vulnerabilities . Through these vulnerabilities , cybercriminals launch their attacks to access blogs and acquire the same rights as administrators .

Hacktivism: In such cases , cybercriminals , to get the credentials to access a blog manipulate or eliminate the content of this site and replace it with your own content , usually composed of political messages through which activists expose what they consider to be injustices . Attackers often aspiring hackers , who use these mechanisms to perform digital vandalism .

Targeted attacks: In contrast to infection by mass attacks directed generally aim at only one or two sites. As a general rule , its purpose is to cause damage to a company or prepare other attacks taking control over a blog or web page.

Protect your WordPress blog Account in 4 Steps

Prevention is the best protection against any type of cyber attack . Kaspersky Lab presents some suggestions to minimize the risk of any attack on blog :

1 – Updates . Each time the new system versions of blogs or plug- ins are issued by the manufacturer , these should be installed as soon as possible so that the attackers did not take advantage of potential vulnerabilities to infect the machine with malware .

2 – Minimize Access : All users should have only the permissions they really need to perform their tasks . Should have no administrator account access that users can use ” to save time ” . Every action performed by each user should always be clearly monitored.

3 – Setting limits : Not everyone needs to use all the features offered by WordPress and similar systems . It is worth making an inventory of the available functions and disable any that are unnecessary . This process should be repeated regularly every time a new version of the program is installed .

4 – Perform a backup : Even if an attack is successful , with the backup can be limited and minimize the damage . It is important to establish this strategy from the beginning and review it regularly . This includes checking that the backups are complete and free from errors .

There are 4 simple steps , but you can greatly improve the security.

WordPress also has a page with excellent safety tips , we strongly recommend that : Shielding WordPress

Muhammad Ali Zeeshan
Muhammad Ali Zeeshan
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