Be Careful with Free WiFi During Vacation


Be Careful with Free WiFi When on Vacation: One way to navigate without costs is through the use of WiFi and Public free. Typically these connection points or hotspots WiFi are provided by the hotels , cafes and restaurants , but it is necessary to pay attention to the dangers that lurk behind this type of connection . In most cases the data transfer is not encrypted , which means that pirates can intercept the computer and used for malicious purposes .

According to Kaspersky Lab , it is essential to pay particular attention to the amount of information that is sent and received through this kind of free connections . Please note that this should be doubled in the case of sensitive information such as personal data , passwords , usernames or financial information . According to the company the public WiFi networks are not the best alternative .

The use of a VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) is the best option , however many administrators of public Internet connection block this kind of access to ensure that your network is not used with malicious purposes .

Thus , when we just connect to the Wi – Fi hotspots , allow cybercriminals to launch attacks ” man-in – the-middle ” or intermediaries , the hacker can access our device and read , insert and modify the will the messages without anyone realizing it .

What if the VPN is blocked ?

  • In some cases , an SSL connection or protocol level Secure Connection ( https ) can help . You must type https:// in the address bar / followed by the domain name before visiting any web page when the page is loaded , we prove that the certificate used for encryption is valid and directs us for the authentic website .
  • Another solution is to use an Ethernet cable instead of a WiFi connection Many establishments have this type of connection, which is much safer.
  • In any case , if the connection is made from a public place , it is best not to use the services of electronic banking or electronic payment , since this data is the main objective of the hackers .

Hotspots False

It’s hard to know if the user has really bonded through official access point . If a hacker create an access point with an identical name and a signal intensity higher than the official , users may ultimately select this fake access point to access through their devices . It only takes a hacker to quickly create a page login to be able to start an attack man-in – the-middle .

The same precautions for all the PCs also apply to tablets and smartphones . Security solutions such as Kaspersky Mobile Security and Kaspersky Tablet Security , protecting these devices so you always have safe navigation .