The New Giant Banners Ad Units of AdSense

ad units adsense

The New Giant Banners Ad Units of AdSense: Who uses AdSense as a form of monetization for Blogs as a way to make money, now has more models of banners that can generate more revenue and clicks. The AdSense team has invested in creating new formats for the ad units, specially adapted to the size of the screens and spaces of the layouts of blogs and websites. If well used, can help you make more money online.

All of us who use AdSense as a source of revenue in our blogs we already know that the more banners and bigger they are, the better the result in number of clicks. In addition, the largest blocks are the advertisers pay more to appear. We were already used to the patterns that have existed since forever and often think our layouts to fit to the types of ads that we use and generate more visibility.

The improvements of AdSense is not restricted only to the formats of ad units, but also with content that is disclosed and the public to whom it is addressed. Recent released ads for websites and blogs that treat about drink and betting:

The most recommended have always been the biggest as the 336 × 280 (300 × 250 or that is one of the most recommended), 728 × 90 and 160 × 600. Virtually all internet advertising campaign is created thinking about some of these formats.

Now Google AdSense is offering two more huge possibilities of ad formats. They take up more space and are able to accommodate virtually any style of campaign or even several at the same time in a single block.

AdSense New Ad Units 970 × 90 and 300 × 600

To better illustrate the dimensions of this format, here’s a picture. If you click on the image it will be opened in a new window on the exact measurements of each block. This will help you see how are these formats:

ad units adsenseStill not many advertisers who use those measures and, in some ways, is a test that AdSense is doing to see if conquers the market. The fact is that this can benefit both advertisers and Google and even we the owners of Blogs.

Is valid to start testing these giant blocks on your blog, preferably without changing the layout, if its got space for this type of format.

The best is to put each one in the right space for this type of block. Does not work well anywhere in the template/theme. So be very careful at the time of Exchange.

  • For block 970 × 90 is best position near the top of the page or below the header of the Blog/site, before the titles of the contents. Can also work well in the footer of the page, away from the post or in any content Division. Is a format more invasive and may not be very pretty on layouts with many colors or dark.
  • Already 300 × 600 format is perfect for sidebar (sidebar) as a widget/gadget, since it has the minimum width of 300px, discounted the edges. If the width is ugly and extrapolating can reconfigure your visual. The advantage of this is that if they are displayed and links text blocks, displays several advertisers on a single space in the form of a menu. Configuring the right colors that match your blog/website, will be visually more pleasing.

Now it’s expected that advertisers like it, and use these new formats and pay even more by the click that we receive.

Source/Credits: Richer user engagement with the new 970×90 ad size , Larger, brand-friendly ad sizes available in AdSense: 300×600