Create Pop-ups on WordPress: Plugin Ultimate Modal

Plugin Ultimate Modal1

Create Pop-ups on WordPress: Plugin Ultimate Modal: Even if pop-ups are not very nice, is the most direct way to send a message or message for your visits so that arrive at the blog page. Is to have more fans on Facebook or to capture registration in Newsletter, this type of resource can be indispensable to you.

There is a WordPress plugin that does this is very simple. Everything is simpler for the existence of the plugins.

Plugin Ultimate Modal1The Claudio Sanches created a version of this type, also known as “Modal“. The result of the plugin is excellent and the menu is easy to use and configure for any message type and content you want to disclose, accepting even embed videos, images and text at the same time.

To install the plugin you can go to the menu “Plugins” -> “Install New” and search for the name “Ultimate” Modal of Claudio Sanches. Or you can download it here: Ultimate Modal Displays a modal content in your WordPress

Plugin Ultimate ModalInstall the settings and activation are intuitive.Works just like the editor of posts.