The End of the “Adult” Content in Blogger


The End of the “Adult” Content in Blogger: Apparently Blogger will update its rules allowed content and delete blogs with Adult content as well as prohibiting such ads or monetization related content. It is important that if your blog has any content intended for adult audience, which review and try to think of changing service.

The news spread in the last hours because of an e-mail that the Blogger team shot for owners Blogs categorized as “Adult”, warning of changes in rules from 30 Junho/13. It’s a little confusing, but it can affect a lot of people, even those who did not receive the e-mail and who have blogs open, but he may have published something for adults.

Even those who have common blog and has published something related to nudity may have problems.

The content of e-mail that is circulating in the picture below:


Important Update on Adult Content Policy Blogger

You are receiving this message because you are the administrator of a blog hosted on Blogger, which was identified containing adult content.

Warned that on June 30, 2013 we will update our Content Policy to restrict adult content monetization Blogger. After this date we will apply this policy and remove blogs with full content, or for adults who display advertising to adult sites.

If your blog has exhibited adult ads for other adult content, you must remove it as soon as possible to avoid application of the Terms of Service and / or exclusion of content.

Our suggestion for those who have some adult content is excluded altogether and avoid problems.

But for those that blog is all geared for adults, the best it will migrate to another service and hire a hosting that supports such blogs.

This information has not been published by the Blogger team and the email has not been sent to everyone. Here in Brazil, for example, there are no reports of receipt of such notice. When we have more details, we will post here to inform better.