Secrets Revealed: Bloggers Who Earn +4 Digits A Month


Secrets Revealed: Bloggers Who Earn +4 Digits A Month: Many bloggers are without understanding how some manage to work exclusively with their projects online and earn money. You can learn these 3 secrets that point to the professionalism of blogs.

You can make money from blogs? Yes. It is possible to gain +4 digits per month with a blog? The answer is also yes.

If I create a blog today, it is certain that I will gain +4 digits with a blog? The answer is no.

And that’s what this article is, show you why bloggers can earn +4 digits per month, with a blog and the vast majority do not.

We are in the knowledge era. Who knows, has the tools necessary to achieve success on the internet.

If you do not have the knowledge, you have to go in search of him. The secret is to make lots of money with blogs is working with niche blog.
According to Wikipedia,

Niche markets are segments or audiences whose particular needs are under-explored or nonexistent. The use of niche strategy is precisely the identification of segmentation bases that, when exploited, representing the difference or competitive advantage to the company.

A niche blog is a blog that explores an audience with specific needs, and that are little explored by other blogs. Not to say that it has to be a novelty, but it needs to be unexplored by other blogs and have a target audience (niche market) identified and quantified.

A good example is the niche cars. You can create a blog about cars, but this is very generic, so you can funnel even more and get to the Fiat brand and then a car, such as the New Uno.

A blog about the New Uno would be a blog with a niche identified and quantified. But only find the ideal niche is not enough, you need to work out what I call the “tripod of success.”

The tripod of success is support by the parties below:

  • Audience targeted
  • Quality Content
  • Affiliate Programs

Audience Targeted

No point in creating a niche blog and therefore think that will make money with it. You need to create a niche blog that is profitable.

So look for a niche is an art and the first step to the success or failure of your project. To find the ideal niche and still be profitable, you can use the tools Google Adwords keywords.

Some profitable niches for you to start your search:

  • Lose weight
  • Improve health
  • Saving and save
  • Courtship
  • Separation
  • Hobbies expensive
  • Play tennis
  • Diving

Quality Content

Now that you have found a profitable niche and targeted your audience, it’s time to assemble the second part of the tripod, quality content.

The quality is very relative, what is good for me may not be for you. It is necessary to understand what your target audience (your niche) meant by quality and work to produce articles that have this quality standard.

Something in this direction is to understand what your audience is looking on the subject and write about it. Again the tool keywords Google Adwords can help you.

If you plan to create a blog about tennis, surely the following matters are being sought for their future visitors.

  • Learn to play tennis
  • I want to play tennis in [name of town]
  • Blocks to tennis in [name of town]
  • Benefits of playing tennis
  • Play tennis slims

Affiliate Programs

It’s time to talk about money. How to earn +4 digits per month with a niche blog?

There are several ways to sell direct advertising, Google Adsense, affiliate programs etc. … many.

What you need to understand is that bloggers who earn +4 digits per month with your niche blogs assemble the tripod of success in the right order.

First find the right niche and create your niche blog, then work to understand the concept of quality in your niche and produce much quality content. Only if the first two parts of the tripod are mounted successfully is thinking of setting up the 3rd piece.

If you create a niche blog and has no further visits or expressive enough articles, do not place ads on your blog. Be patient.

I advise you to put ads on your blog only after at least 10 articles and 300 daily visits.

Before that, you rarely win something and get frustrated.

As time is short, I will speak here only an affiliate program.

Actually more than one affiliate program, the Hot-mart is a real platform that makes info-products Junction producers (authors info-products) and affiliates.

With Hot-mart you can find the right pro info-product your niche and work with writing articles, banners and email marketing to make sales with very high commissions.


Making money is not an impossible task, nor easy. What you need to understand is this “secret” and seek the knowledge to create a niche blog that really make a difference and gain +4 digits with him.

And you already know this secret? Agree that with these 3 steps you can create blogs that generate +4 digits per month?