Fujitsu Wants You to Use Your Smartphone to Protect Your Skin

Fujitsu Hada Memori

Fujitsu Wants You to Use Your Smartphone to Protect Your Skin: Fujitsu releases “Hada Memori” a new cloud base software for smartphone that will help you to monitor your skin condition.  An application becomes the tool that women use in relation to turn your phone into a skin analyzer.
Fujitsu Hada MemoriWe tend not to talk about applications and software in general, but there are exceptions that we are forced to let go of our original intention. This is because we are dealing with the knowledge of an application that can change the way people use smartphone devices, providing a new way to use.

The Japanese company Fujitsu has announced a new Japanese land cloud-based service that is aimed at all women who want to protect their skin. Fairy Memory is a program which main objective is to allow women to track the condition of your skin, which will help you diagnose any problem you may encounter.

To use it all you have to do is get a picture of the skin or any dark area that we have in our face. Memory Fairy will take care of, first, monitor the color of our skin, and secondly, to send data to the skin and doctors specialized professionals who can help us.

Memory Fairy Thus women will assist interested to solve any potential problems which can be found linked in keeping your skin young and healthy. At the same time, the tool will have additional motivation to allow women to learn to take better care of their skin as they learn different tricks you improve your skin.

Alongside this, the service, which is very commercial and has the added mission of selling products, recommend to users what they need to do to buy all the items you need when it comes to keeping your skin in good condition. Be provided, for example, with which shortcuts can shop directly from the smartphone or tablet, which will be very useful considering the short time we have some people to engage online surf shops.

The Fairy Memory is one of those inventions that may stay in Japan and that they will never see the light abroad. The good news is that this invention is used by application, so it is not difficult to make your download and does not require additional devices. To be marketed in the West, possibly the service would much popularity.