Send Encrypted Emails From Gmail Inbox with SafeGmail


Send Encrypted Emails From Gmail Inbox with SafeGmail Chrome Extension: Email is considered a secure method of communication, but not, as the email accounts can be compromised. With the mere fact that you accidentally send an important email to the wrong person, is reason enough to be more careful when sending sensitive information.

SafeGmail is an extension for Chrome that can help a bit in the safety of your emails, allowing you to encrypting them. Unlike some other extensions redirect you to another service, SafeGmail works from the Gmail interface and uses the method of encryption PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) a common standard in encryption of emails, signatures and documents. The message is protected, not by a password, but with a secret question, the answer to which only you and the recipient knows.
SafeGmailOnce SafeGmail installed  in compose message view you will see a small box just below the Attach File link. If you are sending a message that you would like to add an additional layer of security, check this box. The interface will transform the Submit button to Send + Encrypt and two fields to enter a secret question and your answer will appear in the Encrypt check box.

If the box does not appear after restarting the browser, press Ctrl + F5 and the option should appear when the page finishes loading. Enter your message, subject and recipient addresses, as you normally would, then click Submit + encrypt.

The encryption will take some time and your site will be gray while the message is encrypted. On the receiver side, the email contains a link and the ciphertext. To view the message, the recipient must click on the link, answer the question (establishing when you have email encryption) and then paste the text email encryption in the text box that appears on the next step.

The extension is only available for Chrome Browser. For Download SafeGmail and Further Detail Visit Chrome Web Store.