HoloNotes Great Notepad For ICS And Jellybean (Android): Many times we have to take a quick note and have the phone in hand but do not know which application to quickly add things.
HoloNotes Great Notepad For ICS And JellybeanHoloNotes Great Notepad is a good way to fix this problem and it is a very basic and lightweight application that allows you to take notes, nothing simpler than this. The application just has a size of 150KB, so do not bother at all in the storage space.

The problem is that it only serves to Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean, which is not convenient for many users who have been in previous versions. However, we can use it for any type of text, including lists of things to do.

HoloNotes Great Notepad Features:

  •     A user-friendly phone app.
  •     Compatible with Android devices.
  •     Lets you take notes on your phone.
  •     Lets you create to-do lists.
  •     Similar tools: ListNote, SomNote, Quick Well Free, Growly Notes and Spark App.
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The application is free and is not on Google Play, only in XDA Development Site to download, but it is totally reliable.