Apple iPhone 5 Users Track Feature

Apple iPhone 5 Users Track Feature

Apple iPhone 5 Users Track Feature: The iOS version 6 of the new system incorporates a discrete function to display targeted advertising. However, it can be disabled.
Apple iPhone 5 Users Track FeatureThe launch of the iPhone 5 Apple has been accompanied by a new version of the operating system iOS6. Much has been written about the new version of the application “Plans” that includes, but is discreet novelty: the ad tracking.

It is an option (enabled by default) that allows advertisers to display on the iPhone targeted advertising based on browsing habits on the Internet or use of applications, reports 01net. For example, the owner of the iPhone that regularly visit websites dedicated to automotive receive ads for cars on your browser. The user of an application apartment search will show advertisements for real estate agencies in this but also in other applications.

This new feature is based on a new “identifier advertising,” says “IDFA”. Apple says, it is “a temporary unit identifier, not staff, to be used by applications” to send targeted advertising. Specifically, the IDFA is an anonymous number that stores the user’s habits, like a cookie on your computer.

Contacted, Apple did not want to provide further information immediately.

How to disable?
If this new option is enabled by default, but can be disabled after a bit of research in the menus. Go to “Settings” then “General” and click on “Information“. Down, simply select “Advertising” and finally enablefollowed limited advertising.”