The Big Bang Introducing His Girlfriend Taeyang: VIPĀ  The Big Bang had steeled himself for a long time with Taeyang and recently revealed that she is currently in a loving relationship.
Introducing The Big Bang Taeyang GirlfriendOn August 30, he tweeted, “It’s time to tell everyone that I have a girlfriend,” “It’s been a long time since we were together,” “She’s so good! Like .. “” Is there anything similar to it? “And upload photos’ pacar’nya.
Introducing The Big Bang Taeyang Girlfriend twitterIt turns out the girl is Taeyang is a graphic illustration of the MINA Noona holding a heart saying ‘YB’.

Although Taeyang attempt to fool her fans and maybe make them have a heart attack, most seem hard to believe that this idol was the old boyfriend. Looks like he likes his noona and even asked fans to find a girl like MINA Noona.

Followers on Twitter responded, “Are you drunk?”, “What?”, And “Dog? Toy? Food? Skateboard to you?

Please. That’s not all, right? We are a girl. “