T-Jinyo Cancels Protest


T-Jinyo Cancels Protest: Yesterday, it has been reported that T-Jinyo declined to meet with Kwang Soo Kim  and will continue protest that has been scheduled. However, it seems the plan has now been changed.

After the initial announcement, other announcements are posted stating that the protest has been canceled by Sajungyeon (union of social justice) and T-jinyo. The reason they were canceled due to lack of preparation and lack of response among their members.

Moreover, it seems that discussions were held between representatives and Kim Kwang Soo and Sajungyeon before cancellation of protest to negotiate and discuss future directions.

A representative of Core Contents Media expressed, “The representatives of the protest and CEO Kim met and honest discussion about this issue … [Kim] explained that this situation does not occur because of bullying in the T-ara.”

So far, two groups have announced that they will work towards the holding of open meetings with Kim Kwang Soo and T-ara member to discuss the issue.