Meeting Details of CCM With Representative of Sajungyeon


Meeting Details of CCM With Representatives of Sajungyeon (T-Jinyo):  Previously reported that the Core Contents Media (CCM) announced that they met with representatives Sajungyeon (T-Jinyo). Later through press releases, they also reveal more details.

The meeting took place on August 3 6 pm Korean time after the CCM-T representative call T-Jinyo at 3:30pm previously stated, “We will meet any condition that required T-Jinyo for this meeting.”

Agency met with representatives of (the initials: ‘Ahreutbit’), which is responsible for the scheduled protest, for 30 minutes.

CCM stated, “We explained to the ‘Ahreutbit’ for 30 minutes about how a story about bullying and T-ara member Hwayoung nothing to do with what happened. ‘Ahreutbit’ we asked, ‘Can you make this truth becomes clear to the member T-Jinyo? “And Kim Kwang Soo replied,” I will meet them whenever they want. “

“Kwang Soo Kim stressed,” This incident has nothing to do with a story about bullying, and simply because an artist does not fulfill his promise to the public when he did not appear for the live broadcast. That is the CCM regulation in terms of talent management. “The agency added.

They also revealed that T-Ara member and also Hwayoung and their parents suffer, and ‘Ahreutbit’ has agreed to arrange a meeting between Kim Kwang Soo and T-Jinyo, also writing in the cafe T-Jinyo that no cases of bullying involved .

CCM also asserted that ‘Ahreutbit’ has received much criticism and protests after canceling a meeting with Kim Kwang Soo, and expressed their hope that members do not blame T-Jinyo ‘Ahreutbit’.