Cecilia Cheung Father Cheung Yan Yung (张仁勇) Arrested: Hong Kong Actress Cecilia Cheung refused to comment on the alleged father Cheung Yan Yung involved in a relations with a network of triads.

Cecilia Cheung Father Cheung Yan Yung Arrested
Cecilia Cheung Father Cheung Yan Yung Arrested

Cecilia’s father, Cheung Yan Yung, also known as the Bearded Bravery for his facial hair arrested by the Hong Kong Police to assist in the investigation after two retail stores in the district in May Yau Tat doused with red paint.

But when reporters asked about her father’s arrest during a press conference for The Lion Roars 2 in Beijing, she just smiled but did not comment.

“In real life, Cecilia is very brave. She has experienced a lot of family problems. Hopefully, everyone will understand and provide a private room,” said a spokeswoman.

Yan Yung, who is believed to have links with the local triad, allegedly involved in a case that appears to spread fear tactics by the triad to get a maintenance contract from the owner of the shops in the district.

He was arrested along with another accomplice and given bail for his release.