Tips Safe Your WordPress Blog From Tech Errors


Tips Safe Your WordPress Blog From Tech Errors: Mostly bloggers have a problem with your WordPress blogs in not for lack of experience, but by sheer carelessness or overconfidence that everything will always work.

You must take some care and use the right resources to ensure a basic structure for your blog grow. We have selected some tips you need to follow to keep your blog on WordPress always functional.

1. Choose a Good Hosting Service

A blog on WordPress need, above all, a service of Host consistent and safe, able to meet the needs of the blog system, especially in matters of technical specifications required. One can not think only in price but also the support we have to understand that the blogger needs. What hosting plan to hire in Blogs WordPress.

It is essential that the contracted Host also offer cPanel as a control structure of their stay.

2. Always consistent and change passwords

The WordPress has passwords for database, FTP access and access to the administrator panel. But it can also create up passwords to specific files and folders in order to ensure greater security for the structure of your blog. Create strong passwords, large (more than 16 characters) and that mix letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers and even special characters at random. Also, change passwords periodically, at least every 90 days.

3. Make Complete Regular Backups

The backup is the only real security for content and structure of your blog on Make backups of everything contained in, stored in safe places, outside its host. Never rely on luck or just the automatic backup or if your host offers. Learn how to backup using cPanel WordPress.

4. Having a blog just for testing

Create a blog clone of your main blog, totally closed to visitors, only for you to test layout, content, plugins and resources before trying to apply anything on your blog page. It is another security codes to prevent conflicts or to make changes that can even take your blog down.

5. Use Plugin Cache

Basically the plugins cache used to optimize the performance of your blog or be accessed by visitors, reducing the load time, using fewer resources to host and improving the functionality of other plugins. It is essential to install and use this kind of plugin for your blog work better.

6. Change the user “Admin”

Do not use the login as “admin” to access the panel on the Blog. Besides the password, the default user name can facilitate the attempted theft of your blog. Create and change the login name to something only you know or imagine. Even use your name or the name of the blog. Change the user “Admin” standard WordPress.

7. Having a professional layout

It is essential to a layout (a Theme / Theme) quality, and beautiful for your blog. Do not think only in features and capabilities it can offer, but also in the structure of code and that is lightweight and easy to navigate, optimized for SEO. The layout is the support base of your blog and it is worth investing hiring someone to create something special and right for your project.

Following these steps and reviewing its use of WordPress, you will have peace of mind to keep your blog safe and trouble free for long. Simple things that prevent headaches in the future.