Ryu Hwayoung Exposed Posts Netizens Bullied


Ryu Hwayoung Exposed Posts Netizens Bullied: Hwa Young unilateral termination in two T-ara have a huge impact on who knows what else. Online community forum, under the username ‘Suk Ryu’ (Ryu is Hwayoung’s last name).

Fans loved T-aras, Now, turning quickly Hwa Young meantime, they knew the contents of a bullying incident on a two olrimyeo their Twitter posts are spread. People retweet (RT), and the voice of rage is increasing.

A portal site, a netizen of 2011 ‘Enteotok’ capture was a post on the bulletin board olraon. By ‘Pomegranate’ article posted by a man named “Liu pomegranate soon ‘with a short text and photo capture, and this is re tweeting is moving quickly.

Bullying, very hard Titled This Post,”

Hello. I’ve been contemplating whether I should post this or not, but have decided to write a few things..

The group I’m in is… A group everybody will know just by revealing the group’s initial.

I’m a new member in the group, so it has been very awkward and because I’m also very timid, I’m unable to approach them easily… That’s one of the reasons why I’m becoming an outcast.

The original members must have strongly opposed my addition to the group…

I’m basically treated as if I’m an invisible at the dorm.
But when the cameras are rolling, they would suddenly have their arms around my shoulders.

When we’re practicing… I really feel like I’m going to die.
When I make a little mistake, I’d get criticized hearing things like, ‘You can’t even do this?’ and would get cursed at.

Even right now, I’m alone since they all went grocery shopping without me..
They’ll be back in a few hours, but I want to just forget about my singing career and leave.

However, this is the path I decided to take and I’m the one who decided to join, so it’s hard to do so.

I feel a bit better now that I’ve written this.

Thank you.

This article, written by Hwa Young 100% understood, but netizens writing, November 06, ‘2011, initials say the girl group, everybody knows (T-ara), newly arrived members’ Hwa Young put up a different context, it are confident that article.

Been heightened by the continuing controversy Hwa Young’s position wants is a growing number of netizens. In addition, T-Jinyo (“We Demand the Truth from T-ara”) when the site is not likely to subside as the case easily.