Petition for Dissolution of T-Ara Has Started Online


Petition for Dissolution of T-Ara Has Started Online: Public disappointed with T-ara controversy recently and continued as a petition that calls for disbanding the group has been created.

Netizens have begun efforts to bring down the girl group after they meruak bullying scandal. Sebauh petition entitled, “Dissolution of T-ara” in-post on an online portal site.

Post stated,

“Since the debut should you know your song lyrics, but the T-ara openly cheating and it’s dick that they have been involved in a lot of controversy. They are now in the public eye as a threat to her own bully their members. They are a major problem and therefore the petition to dismantle (dissolve) the group is created. No one will believe that T-ara is a popular group. People would not even greet them politely. This time (when) he is judged by the public and now the time for them to disperse. If you agree please sign. “

The petition has a target of 100,000 signatures. And has been running at least two days and had to get 36 281 signatures (30% of target).

Various comments from fans T-ara left under the petition, and many blame the agency.

The petition must first be able to reach the target, although that looks unlikely now T-ara will disband. Currently, the opinion of many fans who are trying to disseminate information to the public. Will be a different story if they managed to reach 100,000 signatures and greater support from the public.

Already many of the various petitions that appear on this situation. Most of the T-ara requested to say the truth on this issue or to boycott their agency Core Contents Media. There are even fans who create sites to support Hwayoung. Although the agency hopes the controversy will be more easily forgotten as time passes.


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