Jonathan Wong Ex-MOE Scholar Charged with having unprotected sex with 15 year old girl from church: Ex-MOE scholar Jonathan Wong who was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment in the United Kingdom in 2010 for the possession of hardcore child porn is now charged for having unprotected sex with a 15 year old girl barely two months after he returned to Singapore!

Jonathan Wong Ex-MOE Scholar Charged
Jonathan Wong Ex-MOE Scholar Charged

He has pleaded guilty to five of 10 charges on 25 June, reports say.

Wong had committed the acts after his return from Britain, following his expulsion from school and revocation of his student visa. He returned to Singapore in January 2011 after an eight-month supervision for his child pornography charges, said Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao.

Jonathan Wong made the headlines in 2010 after he was expelled from York University for his criminal offenses which saw his parents selling their HDB flat to pay for his MOE scholarship which was revoked.

Upon returning to Singapore, he came to know a 15 year old girl from a church and befriended her.

He subsequently taught her how to masturbate herself and engaged in oral sex after which they had unprotected sex 10 times in various places including her home and public toilets.

On one occasion, he even brought the girl to a clinic to buy oral contraceptive pills after she expressed her concern that she may get pregnant so that he could continue to have unprotected sex with her.

The girl’s father was reportedly working in Australia and she was often left alone at home. Her sexual encounters came to light after her school results deteriorated and she told her father what happened who rushed back to Singapore to expose Jonathan’s heinous crimes.

In mitigation, Jonathan said he was ‘sorry’ for ‘hurting’ the girl and pleaded for leniency. He will be sentenced on 9 July.