Cecilia Sue Siew Nang Singapore IT Oracle Employee Named Sex Corruption Case: Who is the female IT executive Cecilia Sue who screwed the careers of Peter Lim, SCDF Commissioner and Ng Boon Gay, Director of Central Narcotics Bureau who are top civil servants in Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs.

Update: Cecilia Sue Siew Nang  Appeared in Court For Hearing on Wed, Sep 2012

This female IT executive is Ms Cecilia Sue Siew Nang. She gave birth to a kid in early 2011. The father of the child is not confirmed yet. Siew Nang is not really pretty but sexy , sociable and attractive with CFM look. She was originally from Fujian, China and came to Singapore to settle down.

Ms Cecilia Sue Siew Nang
Senior Sales Manager Cecilia Sue said she did not see any reason to leave her job as felt she had done nothing wrong.

Previously worked with a Japanese IT firm, Hitachi – selling storage products. Now with an American MNC software company. ( clue: Sun or IIBM ? )

She seems to be an expert in using honey traps to access senior executives and to close deals. BTW, Peter Lim and Boon Gay are now related as fucker-in-law as they f the same woman.

This is not the first time senior officials from the Ministry of Home Affairs Singapore had sex scandals. A few years back, a Deputy Commissioner of Police by the name of Puay Kern had to leave the Police Force when he was accused of sexual misconduct with a female staff in the police co-operative. He was slated to be the new Commissioner of Police at that point in time but missed the opportunity due to the case.
He is now with Marina Bay Sands as ED of Security.

Speculation on her identity has been rife since late January, when news broke of the high-profile investigations into Ng, who is 46 years old, and ex-Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) commissioner Peter Lim for alleged misconduct.

Back then, reports speculated that Sue, believed to be 37 years old this year, was involved with both Ng and Lim. This proved to be false last Wednesday when Lim was charged in court, and none of the 10 charges read out to him included her.

Ng, on the other hand, was on Tuesday morning charged with four counts of corruptly obtaining sexual gratification in the form of fellatio from Sue between June and December last year — twice while she was employed as a sales manager at Hitachi Data Systems Pte Ltd, and a further two times in December, when she had started work at Oracle Corporation Singapore.

A spokesperson for Hitachi confirmed Sue’s employment with the company during that time, but said no one in the company was privy to her actions.