Zhang Ziyi Sex Scandal with Bo Xilai


Zhang Ziyi Sex Scandal with Bo Xilai: Actress Zhang Ziyi is allegedly under investigation by the Chinese government for being paid to have sex with disgraced former top government official, Bo Xilai.

She is reportedly barred from leaving the country. Hong Kong’s Apple daily and other Chinese media reported that the pair was first introduced by Bo’s associate, Xu Ming, 41, who is the founder and chairman of Dalian Shide Group.

Sources say Xu confessed to paying Zhang 6 million yuan (S$1.2 million) in 2007, to have sex with her for the first time. He later negotiated a deal for Bo to have sex with Zhang, for 10 million yuan (S$2 million).

Reports say the 33-year-old actress slept with Bo at least 10 times between 2007 and 2011 in Beijing.

The Chinese media also estimated that Zhang’s sexual transactions with various rich and powerful figures have netted her 700 million yuan over the last 10 years.

This includes 180 million yuan in cash from Xu. Her wealth from prostituting herself was not taxed, due to intervention from Xu and other government officials. Xu reportedly pimped the Chinese actress out to two other high-level officials as well.

Media news outlets speculate that investigations into these allegations could explain why Zhang was absent from the recently concluded Cannes film festival.

Her film, Dangerous Liaisons, premiered at the festival, which her co-star, Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung, attended.

Zhang claimed she was busy shooting the film, “The Grandmasters”, and was unable to attend the festival.

According to Hong Kong and Taiwanese media reports, the actress has remained uncontactable for comment on the allegations.

Zhang was previously embroiled in other scandals.