Wuweiwei89 Rich Relationship With the Female lead to Suspicion


Wuweiwei89 Rich Relationship With the Female lead to Suspicion: Wuweiwei89 Ferrari killed a taxi driver to lead to suspicion of the rich few and the companion relationship, but behind her classmates, but also Internet message: “The people still in the hospital, to spare her.”

The Evening News reported the past few days, at 4 pm last Saturday, a Ferrari in Victoria Street ran a red light hit the taxis and motorcycles, leading sports car drivers, taxi drivers and passengers killed.

Ferrari’s female passenger (21-year-old Wu Weiwei, transliteration) is one of the survivors, from Wuhan, China, East Asia School of Management graduates, because the fracture at the Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

The relationship between her and the dead Ma Chi, a hot topic on the Internet, users also to her “human flesh search“, find signature “wuweiwei89 of blog and” Glow Little Sun “microblogging, claiming to be her personal page.

Chuan Wu Weiwei dynamic facial surgery, may be disfigured. The entire story, please read 20.05.2012 “United Evening News.”