Who Killed James Foley Journalist Calls himself ‘John’


Who Killed James Foley Journalist Calls himself ‘John’

  • The alleged murderer of James Foley, American journalist killed by the Islamic State on Tuesday, speaks English with a British accent.
  • A former hostage reveals ‘The Guardian’ the captor Foley calls himself ‘John’ and led to three other British whom they called ‘The Beatles’.
  • The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, has said that it will step up efforts to curb emigration country to Iraq and Syria.

The alleged murderer of American reporter James Foley, whose beheading was released on video late Tuesday on the Internet, could be the leader of a British cell of the Islamic State that is responsible for retaining foreigners kidnapped in Syria, according to informed sources British newspaper The Guardian.

Also, the prime minister of Britain, David Cameron, who interrupted their summer holidays on Wednesday to discuss with your team the “shocking and depraved” murder, said “it seems increasingly likely that [hooded] is a British citizen” .

So, Cameron, who has taken up their summer holiday in Cornwall, met with the Foreign Minister, Philip Hammond, and other senior members of the security forces to investigate the nationality of the hooded with a British accent who murdered Foley, American reporter who had been held since 2012 by the jihadist group Islamic State. “Let us be clear what this act. It is an act of murder, murder with no justification,” said the head of the British Government to reporters at his official residence in Downing Street after the meeting.

The hostages called their captors as The Beatles, being four concrete Britannic, a former hostage of the alleged murderer of Foley assured the Guardian newspaper that the captor is a London citizen who calls himself ‘John’. He also explained that it is the leader of a group of three British jihadists who are responsible for monitoring the foreigners kidnapped in the Syrian city of Raqqa.

This source, who described a ‘John’ as an educated, intelligent and follower of extremist Islam currents person, explained that the hostages to their captors as The Beatles are concerned, being four British. Sources in Syria confirmed the British newspaper version, detailing that ‘John’ would be in charge of negotiating with the families of the hostages. Thus, negotiations have led earlier this year to release 11 hostages and handing them over to Turkey.

Counter-terrorism experts, meanwhile, have pointed out that John is one of 500 British citizens who have joined the jihadism and have been “brutalized” by the Islamic State to fight in Iraq and Syria. Services of British and American intelligence, among other agencies, are working overtime to identify the alleged murderer as soon as possible and re-evaluate, so the threat from Westerners who have joined the jihad.

Scotland Yard warned further that “viewing, downloading or dissemination of extremist material” may constitute an offense in the UK under anti-terrorism legislation. The images that are being removed from Youtube and other internet portals, showing the alleged execution of the journalist, 40 in 2012 and abducted in Syria, an act which has been condemned by British Muslim groups.

Redouble efforts to curb emigration jihadist Furthermore, Cameron has said that although the possibility is that the British hooded finds it “deeply shocking”, many citizens of the country “have traveled to Iraq and Syria to take part in extremist violence, “so I said the government must redouble its efforts to prevent others from leaving the country continue to join the jihadists.

“Remove passports to those who are thinking of traveling, arrest and prosecute those involved in extremism and violence, withdrawal of extremist material on the internet, and do whatever it takes to keep our people safe. That is what this government will do, “Cameron said.

It seems increasingly likely that this is a British Foreign Office Responsible insisted, meanwhile, that the extremist organization poses a “direct threat” to security in the UK. “We have been saying that there is a significant number of British nationals in Syria and Iraq that operate with extremist organizations,” Hammond said.

The Philipp Hammond, British Foreign Secretary also warned that “many of these people will try at some point to return to the UK” and become a problem for “national security”. Reactions to the murder of Foley The British Muslim Council, which brings together more than 500 organizations, mosques and Muslim schools in the UK, condemned Foley’s death at the hands of extremists of the Islamic State (EI).

“Today once again express our rejection of this reprehensible organization. We are horrified by the heinous murder of Foley, a reporter who had come to the region to highlight the abuses of human rights of the Syrian regime,” .

He said in a statement. “We unreservedly condemn this psychopathic violence, whether against minorities, against civilians or against other Muslims. Islamic State does not speak for Islam and has been repudiated by all Muslims,” says the note.