5 Essential Applications to Save Data in Android

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5 Essential Applications to Save Data in Android

  • High consumption of data is often one of the recurrent headaches for users. We leave you our top 5 list of the best apps to save data so you can stretch rates a few more days.

Android AppAlthough in recent years the data rates offered by many companies have grown in capabilities that provide the user and have become very cheap, still fall far short if we use our smartphone similarly to we do when we are in a Wi-Fi network. We offer you a handy list of applications to save data on Android, it sure helps you to enjoy more from your smartphone without worry.

1-Offline Reddit

There is one important detail: to all see how our remaining data rates drop considerably. Reddit Offline is the solution to that, as it allows us to download for later reading data without consuming all the threads of the sub-reddits you want, including comments and photos.

It also includes a schedule for the times of day we want to automatically download the information, the option to select to download only to be available when we are in a Wi-fi network.

Download From Google Play Store: Reddit Offline


LoboWiki is a Wikipedia client designed to read articles without distractions and neat and clean manner. Other than that, its greatest virtue is that it allows us to collect items and can select the language you want the item.

Instead of opening the article, what Lobowiki caches and saves the reading list. Thus, if we need to document ourselves on a particular topic or want to read many articles in a row will do without opening many tabs or do searches in the browser, and of course, we will save data.

Download From Google Play Store: LoboWiki


Amber is a feed reader that a few weeks ago we spent an entry. What makes it work is a brilliant tool that offers the minimalist aesthetic and contains all the classic options of an RSS reader. For example, compared to ofical Feedly client includes the ability to sync news to read offline, eliminating the need to download each entry with their images.

Download From Google Play Store: Amber


The classic of classics. Known by all for its incredibly useful when saving links to check later and offer a clean and as LoboWiki reading without distraction, in my opinion also notes that it is the application that can be used longer without spending a mega therefore I sync everything with it what I do on Wi-Fi, and later read your way through college or long waits. Imperative.

Download From Google Play Store: Pocket

5-Opera Max

Opera is an old acquaintance of users with tight data rate, and in their mobile browsers integrated in a time saving modes, such as Google Chrome did recently. Following that line, months ago launched Opera Max, an application designed exclusively to reduce data consumption at the system level, as it will compress photos, videos, and texts of many of the applications we use on a day to day, and all without the user having to worry.

Download From Google Play Store: Opera Max