WhatsApp 5 Most Dangerous Scams You Should Know


The WhatsApp 5 Most Dangerous Scams You Should Know: Security issues , scams and attacks through applications are , increasingly, the agenda given the proliferation of mobile devices. One of the ‘apps’ that creates more problems is the popular WhatsApp , which has become the “main target of cyber-criminals .”

WhatsAppAccording to data collected by Panda Security , WhatsApp users should be aware of a number of precautionary measures to avoid falling prey to cyber-criminals. Below are the last five cases of attacks that has received the security company :

1. “I ‘m writing for WhatsApp . Tell me if you get my messages .”

The user received an SMS number 25565 and the answer , was subscribed to a premium SMS service . If you receive any messages of this type , it is best not to answer. No known or friend will send a text message from such numbers.

2 . Failure Android Security that Allowed read the conversations .

Thanks to Panda Security Bas Bosschert I knew WhatsApp conversations saved on a micro-SD card. Therefore, if the user has allowed other applications to access this card , cyber-criminals may reach the discussions which have taken place earlier.

3 . Vulnerability to share our location .

This security hole allowed cyber-criminals the location of the person using this option. WhatsApp confirmed that this bug was already fixed in a new beta version , so the best thing you can do to prevent such incidents is to have the most current application.

4 . Privacy issues with Facebook.

By purchasing from Facebook WhatsApp many rumors about what would happen from that time to the privacy of users broke . He even said that Facebook would publish a photo album on the profile of each with the images sent to us by WhatsApp . This was denied immediately, as many would leave this application on behalf of others as Line or Telegram to this apparent loss of privacy.

5 .  Mark Zuckerberg‘s WhatsApp .

This business transaction led to many scams. Another one made ​​us think that the founder of Facebook , Mark Zuckerberg , sent us a WhatsApp for ” reactivates ” our own. What we asked ? That reinvigorates this message to all your contacts.

Via Panda Security News Blog