What Girls Generation and SISTAR Eat At Diet ? Girls ‘ Generation and SISTAR share what they eat when they go on a diet !

On May 3rd broadcast of KBS 2TV’s ‘ Human Condition ‘ , Kim Shin Young and Kim Young Hee met with Girls ‘ Generation , SISTAR , JungGiGo , and BAP backstage at ‘ Music Bank ‘ where they are with a funny slogan to follow Kim Young Hee , ‘ ahngdaeyo ‘

Girls Generation and SISTARKim Shin Young and Kim Young Hee said on Girls ‘ Generation’s mission of their diet , ” We will not eat for five days “,

Hyoyeon jokingly replied , ” Five days ? Only five days ? You should try to do it for fifty days ” , and Seohyun also joked , ” You should do it for five years . “

Girls ‘ Generation to share what they eat when they are on a diet , ” salad , beans , and tofu .. We know that cooking dishes like meat .. meat -like bean dish made ​​with beans mashing together.

And there are also tofu steak and rice rolls are very popular vegetables Seohyun . “

SISTAR Bora also shared that she had done an unhealthy diet , ” I just ate everything . When on a diet , I would always eat only one time each day in hours 5-6 pm and I will not eat anything else.

I do not even drink water because I feel like even if a little water gets , I will gain weight.

I think must have an empty stomach to lose weight. This is the wrong kind of diet . I also prefer rice instead of noodles and bread. “