Running Man: Gary Can’t Lie to Song Ji Hyo


Running Man: Gary Can’t Lie to Song Ji Hyo:Monday Couple ” Gary and Song Ji Hyo provide other evidence of the proximity of the two of them in the latest episode of Running Man show on May 4.

Gary-Song Ji HyoIn the episode , the cast and guest stars extend back “Mafia Game” in which the member becomes ” ordinary people ” who find out who among them all being a “Mafia”.

In the process of finding out who is a mafia three of them , Lee Kwang Soo said that one of the three girls could be a mafia that is they are looking for.

Gary quickly move to start investigating Song Ji Hyo . To defend themselves, Song Ji Hyo then show that Gary could be someone they suspect is due to its action. “

Gary oppa always sugarcoat Lee Sang Hwa. If you can think about it, the mafia could be himself , “said Song Ji Hyo .

“In this world , most Jihyo know when I’m lying. It knows more than my mother , “said Gary who then makes all member laugh .