Google Docs And Sheets Launched Third-Party Add-Ons

Google Docs

Google Docs and Sheets Launched Third-Party Add-Ons: Google released the Add-Ons store for Docs and that basically gives you apps for your documents.
Google DocsThe store has tools accessories made ​​by third party developers and a few originals of Google that can be installed to add features to documents and spreadsheets that were not available before, such as creating labels or sending e custom electronics.

The store, which resembles the Chrome Web Store in its design, currently has about 50 supplements with more to come in the near future.

The function is similar to Google Play Store.

For supplements directly without having to navigate stores first, simply click Get Add-ons menu complements any document or spreadsheet. Add-Ons in store are created by development partners that offer users more features at your documents and spreadsheets .

Developers should consider supplements are in preview at this time but the tools and APIs are available to all.

You can build a prototype for Docs or Sheets and then apply for publication .

This is a way for Google Docs and improve some of the features that are fundamental pillars in the programs of Microsoft Word and Excel.

One of the shots is an add-on Avery Label Merge, you can combine data from a spreadsheet in Google Avery address labels.

From Mailchimp add -on allows you to choose different templates and make personalized emails, then send them directly from Google Docs.

Shop for add -on is now available right on the regular menu bar of Google Docs. For now, it will only be visible in text documents and spreadsheets.

Support for Google Slides, presentation application and Google Forms will come later.