Penelope Cruz Secrets of Body of the Year

Penelope Cruz

Penelope CruzPenelope Cruz Secrets of the ‘Body of the Year’ Penelope Cruz has won this year’s title of ‘Body of the Year’ , beating others like Jennifer Lawrence and Scarlett Johansson. No doubt the figure of Madrid is one of the most envied in the world … Would you like to know how she got it ?

The newspaper ABC on its pages reveals the secret of Penelope Cruz at 39 , just three months after giving birth for the second time , and the actress walked the red carpet wearing these curves infarction. Here we will reveal her tricks :


Fitness Magazine notes that the actress has not been subjected to any strict regimen , but “her obsession with the Mediterranean diet” is the key to feeding Penelope .

The actress loves to cook , and the actress has stated on many occasions that “I will not submit to crash diets or I ‘ll kill you in the gym to take care , to feed healthily enough for me .

But that is also its known that there are two quirks without which Penelope Cruz can not happen: some chocolate and a glass of red wine. Nor says no to eight hours of sleep , because Madrid thought to reduce stress is essential for the food does not become your escape.

Penelope Cruz Secrets of BodyTwo . DANCING AND DRAINAGE

Penelope has the third most requested consultations body plastic surgery Beverly Hills , just behind Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Biel. A legacy that keeps dancing in her free time and running after her two children.

Yes, it is possible to retrieve the size 38 , Penelope has had some help, as the personal trainer Gunnar Peterson, who helped her friends Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek . In addition, the beautician Carmen Moltabán notes that ideally be Indiba sessions , a radio frequency that works at the cellular level.

Three . SKIN OF PENELOPE , the most envied

In Spain , the actress always resorted to Massumeh Massi , the beautician who looked after their skin. Of course after leaving the country, now the actress used Lancome products to keep their perfect skin.

For example, to add volume to the lashes using Hypnose Doll Eyes Mask, her makeup is Teint Vsionnaire because “it has a wide range of shades that suits my skin color all year ,” she says , and also declares addict lipstick Rouge in Love lipstick that combines according to the look: Beige Dentelle Rouge to look natural and Valentine for sophisticated events.

In addition , daily cleanses and moisturizes your skin , both morning and evening . Used earlier in the day Visionnaire Serum , then Abolue Preciousells . Meanwhile, the actress has confessed that her perfue Tresor is because “ can be intense and stay all day , but never saturated .”