Video Games Cause 30% of Visually Impaired Children


Video Games Cause 30% of Visually Impaired Children: The optometrist and optometric clinical master Alain Afflelou , Elvira Jimenez , said that excessive use of video games by children can affect vision problems such as myopia or ocular dryness as adults.

” The excessive use of video games is likely to cause significant variation in visual acuity may reach trigger myopia in older age , dry eye problems or conjunctiva hyperemia ,” said Jimenez.

In fact, from Alain Afflelou point that “about 30 percent of visually impaired children attending the optics are a result of using video games and other electronic devices.”

This company also notes that , according to studies , 33 percent of youth in 2020 suffer myopia due to the use of consoles, tablets, computer type devices.

Therefore, these devices Jimenez recommended ” a maximum of 30 to 40 minutes ” and if more time is played , ” take breaks every 20 minutes.”

In this sense , Jimenez has said that people who play with these electronic devices must have a “good visual acuity, binocular vision, ocular motility good to track the movement of objects, wide field of view and good eye-hand coordination , among other qualities. “

Thus, and according to the optometrist points , “if any of these skills fail us , we begin to have vision problems such as blurred vision and / or double , headaches , eye pain, redness and irritation, tearing or dry eye .”

Alain Afflelou notes that the use of these devices not only affects the vision , but also the ” interaction with the environment , lighting , reflections and fatigue of the nervous system “.

But otherwise suggests that video games also have positive consequences “ improved concentration, increased reflexes and visual memory.