Keep Your Feet Healthy


Keep Your Feet Healthy: Wearing socks made ​​of natural materials , exercise and massage and moisturize the feet helps to keep them healthy.

Wearing socks made ​​of natural materials , exercise regularly and moisturize and massage daily foot helps to keep them healthy and therefore prevent the occurrence of any lameness , as he assured the Spanish Foot Surgery Medical Association.

And, 70 percent of the population has some type of foot pathology , especially the elderly , causing a weakening of the joints and the body’s natural protection .

In addition , as reported by the medical officer of Cinfa , Eduardo Gonzalez Zorzano factors as genetics , being prolonged standing or continued use of inappropriate footwear influence , “much ” in the appearance of these diseases are among others, metatarsalgia or bunions .

” The use of improper shoes very high , narrow or prevent perspiration heels can also cause major illnesses such as hyperkeratosis Corns or a process generated by the increased pressure in specific areas of the fingers ” apostille the expert.

In this sense, Zorzano stressed the need to clean your feet daily , dry them ” thoroughly ” paying particular attention to the space between the fingers, apply moisturizer after washing, especially on the heels , not leave nails grow excessively ; and use a flexible , breathable and suitable width for the feet footwear.

It has also recommended stretching and often pick feet, wiggle your toes and rotate your ankles ; bathing shoes or boots rubber in wet areas for public use , and finally , ask the pharmacist about podiatric solutions designed to relieve pain caused by various diseases . ” A foot is a healthy foot care ” has settled the specialist.