Sandy Hook: Obama Pays Tribute to Victims of Newtown


Sandy Hook: President Barack Obama has paid tribute Saturday to the 20 children and six teachers who died in Sandy Hook Elementary School in the shooting that occurred a year ago in the town of Newtown , Connecticut , and recalled that the Americans have not done “enough ” to limit access to weapons or combat mental illness.

We have not done enough to make our neighborhoods and our country safer places and to avert the weapons from the hands of dangerous people . We must do more to heal sick minds ,” said the president in his weekly address .

During the tribute at the White House , where he has held a moment of silence for the 26 victims and have lit candles , Obama has insisted that ” real change will not be born in Washington,” but it has to come from ” citizens Americans. “

Also, the president recalled that victims of Sandy Hook ” could have been anyone ” and lamented the suffering of their families and survivors , “who have lost their innocence too fast .”

In this sense , the president praised “efforts ” of the loved ones of the killing of Newtown, who are fighting for others do not go through the same and have joined the ” mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, who resist to accept that these acts of violence are inevitable. “

” His example has inspired us to be better parents and better neighbors , to give our children what they need to face the world without fear, to take responsibility to our families , and our communities ,” remarked Obama, who has stated that rather than the tragedy itself , “this is how Newtown will be remembered .”

Finally , Obama has insisted that , although the country ” can not end all acts of violence ” or cure “any mental illness,” any citizen should be free to ” go to work, send their children to school or walk the streets without fear , “and has called put” love ” as made ​​” in Sandy Hook . “

The bill sought to extend the review of criminal sale of weapons in Internet history and fairs , in addition to banning assault weapons fast , has failed for lack of support in the Senate this year.

Opponents of the regulation of gun sales in the U.S. have argued that it is the right of American citizens to own guns is guaranteed in the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

On the other hand , the White House has proposed spending $ 130 million to help teachers and other professionals working with young people to recognize the signs that indicate mental illness and to assist these people to seek treatment, but the Congress has not yet granted these funds , according to Reuters .

Therefore, the Obama Administration will spend $ 50 million Department of Health to help communities acquire professionals in mental illnesses and allocated 50 million Agriculture Department programs for integration of people with mental disabilities in rural areas.