Maintain Healthy Teeth During Winter,watch what you eat!


Maintain Healthy Teeth During Winter, Watch What You Eat! With the arrival of cold , we all want to leave work early to eat something hot, usually a bowl of spoon.

However, since Quality Dental Group want to remember that not all foods of this time are good for oral health as a poor diet can not only make us lose the smile , but also to suffer serious illnesses.

They recommend avoiding certain fruits and vegetables, such as pomegranate , beets or blueberries , which can stain the enamel of the teeth , so it is advisable after consumption mouth with water.

The hot dishes , though are what most want to fight the low temperatures of the street, involving sudden temperature changes that weaken the teeth , making tends to stain more with other food.

Also begins hunting season , and not everyone can eat wild boar , venison or rabbit. People with gum to avoid problems because they are too stringy and therefore more difficult to chew.

Another basic autumn and winter are dark beverages such as wine and coffee. It is known that coffee stains left on teeth are difficult to remove , but the public is sometimes known as the wine , both white and red , tends to dry the mouth and causes other food stains more deeply installed in teeth.

Moreover, we must not go hungry or think that all our fridge is vetoed. Certain foods are indeed beneficial for the teeth , such as vegetables , since its high fiber content require more chewing , which is greater manufacturing saliva.

They are also recommended all seasonal fruits , which all experts recommend eating between meals. The natural coconut figs can help prevent gum disease.

Typical dishes from this era are legumes, like lentils or bean stew , with high doses of vitamin B to help prevent cracks on the lips , so annoying on cold days .

Also, do not forget the importance of dairy products , with a high concentration of calcium and phosphorus, which help protect tooth enamel.

Some tips medical director of the Clinic , Julia Cardenas , remember must be accompanied always a good brushing at least three times a day.